Having someone watch over a grown woman can be a drag. Sage Rabbit's parents are quite strict with her. They hire you to watch over their girl since they are going to attend a party. The tattooed blonde babe tries to go out in her blue-grey crop top, denim shorts, and white shoes when you catch her and tell her she's not allowed to step out of the house. Sage, with her natural tits and round ass, is not allowed to invite someone over. She walks out because of how annoyed she is at your refusal to let her go. Not long after, Sage comes back and offers you a deal. She proposes that you let her out if she gives you a blowjob. The naughty lady is confident in this proposal because she knows that you will not tell her parents about it. You can't help but agree to the deal since you're already getting hard at the thought of the inked babe sucking your big black cock. Sage slides your pants down and delivers a sloppy blowjob-handjob combo. She even deepthroats as much of your length as she can handle before turning around and teasing your member by rubbing it against her entrance. Sage Rabbit rides your BBC in reverse cowgirl after having enough fun teasing you. After that, the blonde babe gives you another sensual blowjob and handjob before riding you like a real cowgirl. When she gets off of you, Sage pumps your dick and resumes letting you stretch her trimmed pussy. The two of you continue to fuck in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary. You keep thrusting while listening to Sage moan in pleasure until you reach your climax. You dump your warm load all over the blonde beauty's stomach and tits. After doing more than her end of the deal, it's now your turn to allow Sage to hang out with her friends.

January 11, 2024


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That bounce and the flop during the reverse cowgirl!! I guarantee this site will get bigger. It's better when her legs are on the outside of his and we can see her beautiful ass without shaq size hands covering it up where we can't see it! Another great scene!! Keep it up!!

Andrew Youngman



Sage is gorgeous, would love to see more of her around here. But why does keep forcing this guy on us. Does he have some kind of power in the industry? Please with all do respect, enough with him.

Nickey Milo

We are trying other guys but most guys cannot do this type of scene, it is very hard on the male talent, you can see the positions he is in in the bts videos. WE try fpr the best.


Thoughts on filming videos in 60 fps? Personally, I think it suits the POV format really well. Combined with your great angles, it could turn out amazing.