For Mai Thai, today is a special occasion. Receiving a flower bouquet from her boyfriend to commemorate their anniversary has the petite beauty feeling sentimental. She can't keep her eyes from wandering towards the pretty arrangement as she flips through a magazine in the dining room, thinking of how she can show her appreciation to her lover. Mai's phone rings and she answers with a smile on her lips, thanking Darell for the flowers and mentioning that she's looking forward to celebrating with him later. With a naughty idea in mind, she moves towards the couch and lets her imagination go wild as her hands roam her body. Revealing that she's not wearing anything underneath the sparkly pink dress, Mai rubs on her clit while thinking of her boyfriend, making herself wet before fingering her hole. When that was no longer enough, she grabbed her colourful dildo, licking it first before filling her throbbing pussy and resuming to masturbate until she cums. And that's the scene her sweet man gets welcomed with, his horny girlfriend half-naked on the couch with her legs in the air. Slowly approaching, he hands Mai her gift, but she puts it aside in favor of opening the hunk's pants to pull out his already stiff cock and gives him a blowjob. Licking, sucking, and deep throating as much as she can, the brunette wonder pleasures Darell before opening the jewelry box to reveal a thin gold anklet. Laying back, Mai lifts her feet so he can fasten the chain around her ankle and begins to give him a foot job as a way of saying thank you. With both of them on the white couch, she gives him a quick licking before rubbing her wetness on his rod, then slipping his length into her to ride him in cowgirl. The couple spends their anniversary switching between various positions, like reverse cowgirl and doggystyle, while indulging in blowjobs, handjobs, and foot jobs in between. When both are close to cumming, Mai gets thoroughly pounded in missionary until she climaxes first and asks for Darell to finish off in her mouth. So with the brown-eyed cutie on her knees, her boyfriend releases into her open mouth and covers parts of her face with his hot cream.

January 20, 2022


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It seems these guys don't get it. Please tell them to move their damn hands when she is trying to twerk on their dicks riding. And bring in Natalia Queen. I notice guys been wanting the girls to use their feet on their dicks, and u guys are making sure this happens. Tell them to move their hand.


37:26 "This's like the first." Size might matter lol


What a sexy asian, sad that there is no BTS for this one... :(


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