Trying out some tight leather pants at a clothing store, Isabella decides to go with a slinky black dress and a shiny belt that shows off her slender curves. The tight dress matches her slinky silver high heels with little chains wrapping around her sweet petite ankles. The sales woman gets a little handsy with her as she grabs her booty, showing off her tight curves. Just then, from around the corner a fashion icon enters from around the corner to look over the outfit choices. As he enters, he presents not just his fashion expertise but his big black cock bulging underneath those tight pants. He slides his big strong hands into the crevice of her thighs to feel her tight wet young pussy, excited to taste her and give her a BBC treat. He enters the dressing room where he gets a private fashion show, sliding his hand up to her naughtiest parts, making his BBC harder by the minute. By the time he whips out his big black cock, her mouth is watering, hungry to swallow his big delicious black cock. She puts him in her mouth like a hungry horny little slut and slurps on it, feeling his bulging cock in her throat, licking it with her soft little tongue, feeling it warm in her mouth. She gags on it a little bit and then prepares her sweet little pussy for entry. She takes his BBC deep in her tight wet pussy hole for him to take. In and out, he gets the private fashion show he deserves with this beautiful slinky slut. She bends over to take it deep inside her sweet wet pussy, feeling his BBC thrust with power and pleasure. To show off her abilities, she even gives him a slutty footjob with her gorgeous, sexy feet. Stroking his cock up and down with her sexy feet, she rubs her sexy soles up and down on his BBC, making him feel like he is about to burst, cum building up from the bottom of his shaft. By the time he gets he BBC back in her mouth, his cock is ready to explode all over her face. This fashion icon shoots his big fat load all over her face, covering her with his thick, juicy BBC cum…

July 1, 2021


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Is the Anna Claire clouds scene all you


Is Anna Claire scene all POV


Very very beautiful and very sexy


Love the pussy grip😍🔥🔥


who is the blond? love her look


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