Nothing is better than starting your day by having breakfast with the slender hottie, Hime Marie. The captivating babe wants to have lunch with her friends. Hime feels a little jealous because you have spent more time taking care of your car than spoiling her. To make it up to the beautiful maiden, you promise to take her shopping. The white blouse and black skirt she's wearing turns you on more than you imagined. Luckily, Hime has a bit of extra time before she goes out. Not wanting to waste a single minute, you start massaging Hime's bald pussy. Hime knows exactly what you want, and she is more than ready to give it to you. She does a bit of a striptease in front of you before dropping on her knees to give your big black cock a sloppy blowjob. You can feel her warm lips and soft tongue exploring every inch of your shaft. After making sure that your BBC is hard and wet with her spit, the naughty babe gets on top of you. You can't help but admire her small natural tits and bubble butt while she rides you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. It doesn't take long before Hime starts creaming on your cock as she continues to excitedly grind on top of you.  The horny babe gives you a quick blowjob and ball-sucking before bending over on the couch. She lets you pound your ebony dick into her tight twat doggystyle. Her moans get louder while you fuck her hard in missionary. Hime spreads her legs wide to show off the full splendor of her stretched-out pussy. You continue to fuck the naughty girl's bald pussy until you feel like you are about to cum. Hime excitedly sucks and strokes your angry dick until you shoot out your warm and sticky load into her mouth and all over her beautiful face.

February 10, 2022


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Great scene Andrew, although I am starting to see why that tommymc member keeps commenting about the frequent touching on the female models with Isiah, in all honesty was a bit too much in the missionary, also it would great if he didn't keep covering Hime's feet in that position as well.


Isiah maxwell doesn't get it. It's about the consumers who helps pay for all this. He covers their ass too much. And I've seen POV on other sites where the guy hands aren't covering the girls ass. Please use someone who understands this.

Andrew Youngman



I really enjoyed this one as well, the camera angles were just right, it might just be me but when u get that angle where u can see the nostrils of the female while giving a blowjob is what most other pov sites often times miss and I really appreciate that almost all the scenes here have nailed that maybe under appreciated little detail that really elevates the scene from a 4 star to 5 star rating IMO.


Bitch you fine then in a bitch even you should be mad than a bitch This want be commented I love you.


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