Roommates can both be a blessing and a curse, especially when they're as gorgeous and sensual as Willow Ryder. This curly-haired bombshell is more than capable of seducing any man she sets her eyes on, and decides that her roommate's handsome boyfriend is worth taking the risk for. She is a big black cock enthusiast and eager to experience what it's like to suck and fuck one. Willow lets her naughty imagination run wild, daydreaming of when she'll get the chance to charm the pants off of her perfect lover. She even has all the details, from what she'll wear to what she says. Clad in an innocent-looking white top, high-waisted blue jeans, and black heels, Willow struts down the stairs before talking to her prospective lover. The Black goddess will use her assets to her advantage, running her hands down her front and caressing her small natural tits before turning around to display her round ass. Willow is more than aware of how her roommate's boyfriend stares at her bum, probably thinking of how delectable the cheeks would look as she bounces on his BBC. Sliding down her jeans, she demonstrates how they jiggle and wiggle while groping and spanking them a few times. Bending over and spreading her asscheeks, Willow shows how ready she is to be hard fucked from behind by a black dick-- and she'll even beg her partner to go faster. All the mischievous thoughts are kindle to the burning passion within her, making the slender petite wet and aching. Moving her jeans down further, Willow pulls her purple thong to the side, giving a peek of her trimmed pussy and sliding some of her fingers through the slit for some relief. She ends her devilish daydream by knowing that if she walks away, any man with a BBC will be more than ready to follow her.

September 22, 2023


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So good. Would really love it if you guys tried out this format of only the women talking for at least a few full scenes. I think it would be really hot.

Andrew Youngman



@Andrew Youngman Thanks! I appreciate the responses btw.


Willow has a wonderful and juicy ass, it's a waste to use that ass filming with this guy with his extremely skinny and hairy dick. Consider Damion, Hollywood, Rob, Jax, Anton


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