Jealousy doesn't necessarily mean things will not end well in a relationship. Sometimes, having a jealous girl is great because she will do whatever it takes to prove that no woman is better than her. Athena Fleurs is one of the few girls who will not hesitate to show her man she is the best. The petite blonde hottie finds out you liked a photo of a half-naked woman on social media. Wanting to prevent that from happening again, Athena comes up with the perfect plan. You can't believe your eyes when you see the beautiful hottie approaching you while wearing sheer pink lingerie.  Athena sits in front of you and shows you the allure of her sexy body. She teases you with her captivating figure before taking out your big black cock. The naughty cutie gives your BBC a sloppy blowjob. She also uses her plump lips and warm tongue to play with your balls. After making sure your massive black dick is hard and ready for action, the petite babe rides on top of you in reverse cowgirl. Athena leans back and opens her legs wide while riding you in cowgirl to show you the full beauty of her stretched-out pink pussy.  You can't help but admire Athena's perfect butt while you fuck her doggystyle. Her tight pussy wraps around your dick, pulling it deeper inside her. Athena moans in delight while you tirelessly slide your big black cock in and out of her bald pussy. Every thrust of your hips sends both of you closer to the orgasms you desire. You watch Athena's natural tits bounce to the rhythm of your pussy fucking. Athena's facial reaction motivates you to fuck her harder until you feel like cumming. The beautiful hottie gives your BBC a handjob until you dump your warm and sticky load all over her flat belly.

March 9, 2023


Comments (5)


It seems the girls from United States aren't allowed to grind and twerk during reverse cowgirl with their legs on the outside of his


Bro you guys need to get Lena Paul on here, she would make one helluva scene!!

Nickey Milo

Hang on we will.


Isiah maxwell loves to have the girls sit inbetween his legs during reverse cowgirl


Such a sexy atmosphere in this scene... Really like the lighting and the lingerie (which I wish was kept on for slightly longer). Would love to see more like this.


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