Having a naughty woman in the house is a bane to an adult's life. You are reading a book on the couch when, Nata Gold, enters the room. She wants to ask for your permission to go out with her friends. Naturally, the request also includes driving the car out. You recount some of her misbehavior history and tell her it's better to stay at home. The blonde babe does not want to be left out, so she tries her best to convince you. Nata even promises you she won't tell your wife if you agree to her plea. When the inked cutie notices that words are not working, she decides to use actions instead. Nata starts tracing your erection over your pants using her hands. Her gestures fluster you, but the sensation stops you from telling her off. The beauty then unbuckles your belt and takes out your big black cock. With a seductive expression on her face, she uses her pierced tongue to give your BBC a lick before putting it into her mouth. After she pleases you with a blowjob-handjob combo, you then proceed to undress her slowly and fondle her natural tits. Nata's determination and your uncontrollable lust successfully clouds your judgment. You are unable to resist Nata's temptation, you start rubbing her clit and fingering her trimmed pussy. Feeling that she's ready for your big dick, you allow her to ride your rod in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. After that, the inked lady delivers a sloppy blowjob-handjob combo to your BBC before getting on her hands and knees. You then ram your huge dick into her pussy in doggystyle and missionary, reducing her to a moaning mess under you. When you're about to cum, you pull out of her and watch as she strokes your black length. You shiver in delight as you shoot your load all over Nata's small tits.

May 9, 2024


Comments (6)


Not gonna lie that awkward pile driver missionary scene definitely killed this scene, same as previous scene. Hope it won’t become something done in every scene. Would’ve been awesome to have a good angle of her pretty face and beautiful perky tits in a pov missionary


The scenes are a lot better with thick BBC, hope you guys consider having more male talent like this in the future.


make the girls ride their face. for men and women viewers. trust me

Nickey Milo

will do nick


more skinny blonde girls like chloe cherry and paris white.


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