Lana Smalls is facing a problem with her scholarship and finds a way to save her failing grades. With a scheduled meeting with her to discuss the current status and some other issues with other teachers, she offered to have a one-on-one weekly meeting with you, her professor. You are open to that idea, but this tall goddess suggests a different approach. Steamy sex between the two of you is a better idea and Lana teasingly says so. At first, you are a bit reluctant, but her provocativeness and clean shaven pussy reigns you over. The alluring student didn’t waste time giving a messy blowjob while stroking the girthy body of the big black cock, covering it with a good amount of spit. Her small mouth happily welcomes the cock, the tip hitting the back of her throat while she continues to stroke the rest of the shaft. To give you better access, Lana removes her white top and allows your hands to caress her small tits and taut nipples as she gives the hard dick attention. Unable to control her lust, she sits on top of you, completely naked while naughtily poking her entrance with the tip of your BBC. The brunette’s wet pussy rides the big cock while her round ass bounces along and receives a hard spank, painting its cheeks red. Every loud moan fills every corner of the room, just as the cock is being covered with her creamy juices. To turn things up even hotter, you stretch her pussy and pound it with fervor in reverse cowgirl, missionary, and doggystyle. It seems like the naughty student wants more, so you continue to thrust faster and even harder, feeling how her walls tighten in pleasure. Lana Smalls is persistent in delivering a fuckable-worthy negotiation, riding your cock once more in cowgirl. As you are about to cum, she wildly bounces on top of your cock, squirting a bit, before you fill her with a hot load of jizz, delivering a dripping creampie.

October 26, 2023


Comments (4)


The creampie was great, with the cleanup being a bonus. I hope we see more creampies and facials in the future, never really been a fan of the body shots...

Nickey Milo

Stay tuned, more to come, lol


I subbed for this, would definitely like to see more creampies and less of the guy jerking off 👍


Once again, please tells these guys to move their hands off their ass in the reverse cowgirl scene!!!! I've been saying this since last year! We want to see their ass grind, bounce, and move. Their hands keep blocking the view. This is about the customers, not them!


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