Most people have something they did at school that they don't want their parents to know. Some feign ignorance, while others go to great lengths to hide their misconduct. Samantha Lexi is the latter. She doesn't want her parents to know that she is fooling around with her friend in the shower room on campus. As the coach, you are responsible for letting Samantha's parents know about her naughty deeds. However, the naughty cutie will do everything to keep your mouth shut. She shows you her red lingerie under her sheer dress and floral skirt.  Despite trying hard to resist her charm, you feel powerless against her allure once she drops to her knees. She excitedly unzips your pants to see your big black cock. Samantha smiles in surprise as she sees the sheer size of your massive ebony dick. Without wasting any time, she gives your BBC a blowjob. Not wanting to hurt herself with your big package, Samantha lets you stretch out her tight pussy with your fingers. She then bends over on the couch and enjoys a sensual pussy pounding doggystyle. You watch her natural tits bounce hard as you drill her in the missionary.  You grab her round booty as she rides your dick in reverse cowgirl. You can feel her coochie tightly gripping your big black cock as she grinds on top of you like a real cowgirl. Samantha loudly moans as you continue to stir up her insides with your big black cock. She continues riding your BBC until you fill her pussy with your warm and sticky load. Samantha smiles at you while showing off your dripping creampie. You finger her pussy to help her push out with your cum. Samantha can't help but feel happy after finally tasting your big black cock. She is also confident that her naughty shower deed will remain a secret between the two of you.

October 13, 2022


Comments (2)


He gave her a good fuck !! Can you please have them put on wedge heels ?


I’m upset she didn’t take her shoes off


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